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About Us
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We Are Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality of Product, Performance and Craftsmanship

Industry Experience

R.W. Smith & Co., a TriMark Company, designs, engineers and installs all of its environment rooms. This allows for maximum efficiency and quality control throughout the entire process. Our custom designs emphasize ease of use and each project is built to the highest standards, as specified by our clients.

Design Flexibility

R.W. Smith & Co. can design and build a customized room to fit any available space, based on your particular requirements and constraints. Various functions such as temperature, humidity, and luminescence can be controlled to any degree specified. Rooms can be designed to fit into both new and existing spaces. Our installations can provide clean room environments.


Since we installed our first Environment Room in 1983, hundreds of rooms have been completed. Because we supervise the engineering and installation of our projects, we are able to provide systems that require minimal maintenance. We are proud to say that nearly 100% of the rooms we have built are still in operation and our service rate is amongst the lowest in the industry. The superior reliability that we provide can translate into significant cost savings for our clients.

Industry Ratings

Our insulated panels are built to meet or exceed current flame spread and smoke developed ratings, as set by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. The panel system has also been tested and approved by Factory Mutual System.


Client Testimonials

"Kornberg Associates has spent 20 years designing laboratories for the biotech and medical research industries. R.W. Smith & Co. has consistently helped us to provide outstanding constant temperature room quality and the best values for our projects. The R.W. Smith & Co. staff has also been a valuable resource for us in our work around the world trying to understand what the constant temperature suppliers can provide and what prices and values to expect."

Ken Kornberg, President
Kornberg Associates Architects

"R.W. Smith & Co.'s office staff is always able to provide the pricing, submittals and seismic calculations in a timely manner, as well as the close out documents. They've continually answered my questions even though I don't know the terminology or fully understand refrigeration and electrical. It must be painful to determine what I'm asking about sometimes and I appreciate their patience very much!

The installation crew always seems to be able to start installing per the construction schedule, or very close to it, even with the schedules jumping around as much as they have recently. The installers are very professional, providing the daily reports needed, keeping us up to speed on their progress and following our safety protocols. Wes is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and he has such a good attitude - it's just a pleasure having him show up on site.

I work with a lot of different manufacturers on a daily basis. R.W. Smith & Co. is my favorite and I wish the rest could be modeled after them. They're always responding in a timely manner to my calls and emails and are open and honest. If they aren't confident responding to a question, they do research and get back to me promptly.

Thanks for making my job so much easier. It's always a pleasure to work with R.W. Smith and I sincerely appreciate it!"

Bryan Ove, Senior Project Manager

"I have always found R.W. Smith & Co. to be professional, responsive and helpful on my projects, which have included university, research and biotech facilities. Their submittals and engineering are thorough and complete, field crews are knowledgeable and experienced, and their operations and support ensure that the customer's experience remains positive long after the initial installation. I highly recommend R.W. Smith& Co. as a supplier for environmental rooms."

Mike St. Germain, Senior Project Manager
Dow Diversified, Inc.

"R.W. Smith & Co. has been my favorite supplier of cold rooms for at least 10 years. I have done many projects with them and thoroughly enjoy working with their field and office staff. They have never abandoned me or left me without a clear solution. They are prompt, always meet the required delivery and installation dates and are willing to work with other trades in the field as well as in the office to make sure all parties involved are aware of what is needed. Laura Bailey and Phil Summers have always taken care of me, over many projects and years of working together. R.W. Smith & Co. is always on the ball."

Darrin Finn, NorCal Operations Manager
Dow Diversified, Inc.

"R.W. Smith & Co. is great example of the type of company that Dow Diversified enjoys working with. They are knowledge, helpful, dependable to meet the schedule and reliable to provide what is specified. R.W Smith & Co. is also quick to react to any service or warranty request for the customer, which is equally as important as doing the job right, which they do!"

Matthew Dow, Operations Manager
Dow Diversified, Inc.

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