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Control Console
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We Design and Install Environments Based on a Facility's Particular Needs and Specifications

Our Control Consoles

The controls are the core of all environment rooms. All of our control consoles are custom built to the user's specification. Each console combines maximum functionality with clear and accessible control identification. Our custom panels allow for remote notification of any system errors and an adjustable degree of sensitivity for the alarm functions. We add the highest quality assembly and wiring practices to make our console an unmatched feature in our Controlled Environment Rooms.

Service Disconnect

  • Safety is the primary concern for service. The disconnect also provides for single point power connection.

Electric Controller

  • Microprocessor-based function with large, easy-to-read current temperature and set point, as well as output function.

Visual Alarm Indicators

  • Large, readily seen and marked alarm function lights. AA push-to-test feature enables bulb check without changing set point.

Light Switch

  • With the On-Board feature the light switch can also provide make-up air, on-warning or numerous other functions

Audio Alarm & Mute

  • User determined function allows early or delayed annunciation.

Chart Recorder

  • Electronic, fully programmable chart recorder is built in the console for a clean and finished appearance.
About Control Console

*All consoles are built to NFPA 79 guidelines and NEC requirements and are UL listed. All wiring is color coded for voltage & numbered for easy identification. Components are marked and recognizable for easy testing and service.

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