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Owner's Rights

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All About R.W. Smith Owners Rights
What is an ESOP?
An Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, is an employee-owned business that boasts of entrepreneurial spirit and is moved forward by collaborative team effort. With a vested interest in company futurity, employee owners maximize their potential and become integral to achieving company success and profitability. In 1997, R.W. Smith & Co. became employee owned and operated with each employee-owner sharing the responsibility for our growth and prosperity.

Owner's Rights
R.W. Smith & Co., shall provide the necessary tools, technology and systems required to perform one's duties. The Company shall maintain updated technology and be a leader in future industry developments.

R.W. Smith & Co. shall recognize and reward all co-owners and departments on an ongoing basis. In turn, all co-owners shall show appreciation to each other for their efforts and accomplishments.

All co-owners shall have the right and duty to make decisions in the company's best interest and to solve issues without involving management when deemed appropriate. With empowerment comes growth.

The management team shall clearly communicate job descriptions, procedures and goals with co-owners and provide the necessary guidance to aide in their personal growth. Management shall perform yearly reviews evaluating strengths and weaknesses as well as to develop a program for improvement and accountability. Management shall hold all co-owners accountable for their actions in the interest of each other and the company.

R.W. Smith & Co.
shall meet on a continual basis on both managerial and departmental level to discuss ongoing issues and ideas and provide prompt feedback regarding all discussions.
All co-owners shall be respectful of others' needs, problems and requests.

All co-owners shall be honest and realistic with commitments and to follow up and provide deliverables within the timeframes committed. All co-owners shall be courteous and cooperative in all dealings with not only our customers, but our internal customers (co-owners) as well. Treat others as you wanted to be treated.

All co-owners shall clearly communicate needs with required time frames and provide in writing if and when required. Individuals shall be honest regarding the level of urgency and time frame needed. Be aware that your priorities are not others' only priorities that need attention.

All co-owners and departments shall work together as a team not adversaries.

R.W. Smith & Co. shall continue to make every effort of providing adequate staffing to properly handle the company's workload. The company shall also provide adequate training, giving every individual the opportunity to grow, thrive and be productive.

All co-owners shall actively participate in developing the growth of our company with enthusiasm and positive attitude.

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