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Our People
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  • Colleen G.

    "One of the many reasons I like working at TriMark R.W. Smith is the endless opportunities for growth and success. There are opportunities to earn extra bonuses or win free trips through our company or through other manufacturers. It drives you to do your best not only for yourself, but for the company as well. It helps that you are welcomed into the company by an in-depth and amazing training program that prepares you to succeed in what you are doing. There is a great support system within TriMark R.W. Smith, from your territory manager and mentor, the warehouse, or our wonderful customer service department. We all work as a team with one goal. We are fortunate to work in an upbeat and fun industry. Our accounts are some of the best, and interacting and building relationships with my customers every day is something I love. I would recommend TriMark R.W. Smith to anyone who is looking to work for a great company that supports every employee and sets them up for success."

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  • Restaurant tabletop products

    "I am proud to say that I truly love my job. TriMark R.W. Smith is such a unique company in that the people are genuinely invested in working together to make the company successful and profitable. It is definitely a team dynamic that I have not encountered anywhere else. My employment at TriMark R.W. Smith has allowed me amazing opportunities and adventures - from trips to England, Spain, France and Italy to going behind the scenes at some of California's best hotels, resorts and restaurants. It is so rewarding to be part of the creative process involved in opening a new property and our clients are dynamic, interesting people who we enjoy consulting and brainstorming with. One of the best things about being in sales at TriMark R.W. Smith is that no two days are ever the same - when you leave your house to go out into the territory, you never know what new projects or opportunities you are going to find."

  • CHRIS C.

    "We're constantly adjusting our business practices based on our customers' desires, and innovating new models to stay ahead of shifts within the industry. Because I know my team's voice impacts the organization, we want to do things better and better each day."

  • sarah h.

    "Working at TriMark R.W. Smith is a great opportunity to grow and learn new things. I feel that my hard work and initiative are valued and appreciated by management. I am surrounded by helpful and friendly people. I can't see working anywhere else but here."

  • REG W.

    "I like to get the job right the first time for two reasons - if I don't, it could reflect poorly on the company or another TriMark R.W. Smith employee; and, the other would be the satisfaction of a job well done, which means I don't have to make corrections and lose valuable time."

  • Nykhol P.
    Design Build

    "There is a strong sense of comradery in my department. Everyone steps in to help one another in order to get a job done on time and on budget. The managers understand and appreciate the collaborative spirit and look to hire individuals who will be a great fit to the TriMark R.W. Smith family."

  • OSCAR R.

    "I have been a proud employee of TriMark R.W. Smith since 2006. I have had the pleasure of meeting and working alongside truly dedicated professionals, all of whom are part of our success. It's especially helpful that our company goals are clearly communicated so that everyone can track our progress and achievements. Professionally, I have had the opportunity to learn from TriMark R.W. Smith managers which has enabled me to grow as a leader."


    "TriMark R.W. Smith values self-motivated, independent 'hospitality scientists' while also rewarding and cultivating a team mentality with continuous support. Education is endless through hands-on experiences which excites new employees of this unique company."

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  • TriMark R.W. Smith glassware experts
  • sheila f.

    "I joined TriMark R.W. Smith in 1997 and my experience over the years has been both rewarding and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoy the people I work with, and I appreciate the TriMark R.W. Smith culture and professional environment which is all about serving our customers, supporting one another, and achieving company goals."

  • TriMark R.W. Smith glassware experts
  • evelyn R.

    "When offered a position with TriMark R.W. Smith in 1998, my first consideration was that the job description was such a great fit for my skill set. There was the additional allure of the lucrative retirement plan that went along with the package. Over the years, this company has continued to grow under the careful guidance of our management team, and as employees we have been challenged by them to work smarter and more efficiently in order to continue on that path. While I have been with TriMark R.W. Smith, I continue to be engaged by new goals and look forward to learning and changing with a talented team of coworkers."

  • dennis l.

    "I take great pride knowing that the products and services offered by TriMark R.W. Smith are highly sought after across the USA. It has tremendous meaning to me to be part of a team that is making a major impact in our industry. I appreciate the fact my contributions are visible at an individual level. The gratification that I feel comes from recognition that I receive for my work and for being part of an exceptional company."

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  • Restaurant cuisine

    Customer Service

    "At TriMark R.W. Smith the employees are given the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to the success of the company."

  • Restaurant cuisine

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