Top 5 Foodservice Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry

By Emily Royster

Plant Based Menus for Healthcare Restaurant trends are known to make their way into our homes and even healthcare facilities. Whether it’s a popular food item, décor or on-site garden, hospitals and senior living centers are incorporating foody trends to make their dining spaces and menus more appealing to residents, patients and their guests.

Read on for the latest direction the healthcare industry is taking toward food.

Herb Gardens for Healthcare FacilitiesPlant-Based Menus
Having healthy foods is an important aspect of the overall healing process for patients. Making this shift won’t come without work, but with a little creativity and education, you can make a change everyone will soon embrace. Palomar Health in San Diego shares some of their techniques with

Finger Foods
Senior living establishments are shifting to nutrition packed, bite-sized finger foods. This concept helps residents with dementia keep some of their independence while ensuring they continue to get the nutrients they need. These bite-sized meals include everything from a chef’s salad to pork and sweet potato cupcakes. It’s all in the presentation.

Micro Concepts
Micro concepts are a fast and easy way to break up the monotony of your well established meal plan. It allows you to incorporate trending flavors quickly without having to worry about making a huge commitment for something that will no longer be popular next week. Look to fast-casual restaurants in your area for food ideas that can be added to your menu and swap out daily, weekly or monthly. Some micro concepts include Cajun fish shacks, Mediterranean, barbecue and more.

Herb Gardens
Many restaurants are searching for ways to include sustainable and organic greens in their menus.  While your operation may have the space, time and finances to grow a garden with larger crops like corn, lettuce and tomatoes, many people do not. Think smaller by focusing on growing your own herbs.  Having fresh herbs on hand is a simple way to bring new life to your dishes and, not to mention, cost effective.

Bone Broth for Healthcare Meals

Bone Broth
The newest “it” item in the food world is “bone broth” and chances are it has been a staple for many items on your healthcare facility’s menu for years.  Foodies have been consuming this healthy choice both as a soup base and as a hot beverage in recent months. Update you menu by adding bone broth as a hot beverage or soup option and note that bone broth is being used.

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