Time Out Market – European Food Culture Coming to the U.S.

By TriMark R.W. Smith

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Dining continues to become more of an experience than just a necessity. New experiences are weaving themselves into our everyday lives.

Markets have always been a large staple of European eating. Getting quick bites in a centralized place allows for many establishments to offer a variety of foods from around the world, giving the consumer a way to enjoy something distinctive each day.

Time Out Market (started by Time Out Magazine) began in Lisbon, Portugal and fits the mold as a classic marketplace offering different selections of food all in one location. Time Out Market smartly recognized that since markets work well in Europe and are a popular tourist destination for Americans then surely, the concept will work on this side of the pond too.

At the forefront of TriMark’s partnership with Time Out Market is Rosana Greco, a Sr. Business Development Manager. Two years ago, Rosana took on the challenge of supplying Time Out Market with not only equipment, kitchen essentials and front of house items, but with guidance on creating an environment that would resonate with the American consumer.

The project started with its first North American location in Miami. Time Out Market takes many factors into consideration when selecting a successful food hall location, including: a large bustling city, proximity to an international airport, sporting grounds and a distinct cultural identity. Miami checks these boxes with a large port city that has often been considered a gateway to Latin America.

Time Out Miami Building

The next three cities that Time Out Market has had the privilege of settling into are Boston, Brooklyn and Chicago. When it comes to establishing Time Out Markets, they are structurally built the same but what fills the space is different at each location. As with food halls and markets, each Time Out Market features a multitude of distinctive options and a wide range of flavors.

Time Out Market - Boston

Renowned local chefs go through a rigorous process to be selected as one of the few vendors to fill the stations. Time Out Market only showcases the best in the area and gives them an opportunity to experiment with unique flavors and to push the envelope with their technical prowess.

A Time Out Market offers more than just food. Local DJ’s, a rotation of guest chefs, dancing, games and cultural activities play their part in what makes going to these markets an experience.

TriMark is honored to be a part of bringing Time Out Market to North America. TriMark is also extremely proud of Rosana for taking the lead in this endeavor and along with other key team members supporting the project.

We highly recommended that you visit a Time Out Market and immerse yourself in different cultures and cuisine.

Time Out Market Miami Food

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