Increase Loyalty & Boost Sales

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Restaurants are opening up everywhere, and the industry is more competitive than ever before. With the abundance of dining options out there, how can you be sure your restaurant will come to mind first when customers plan to dine out? Here are some insights for consistently attracting and keeping customers.

Get acquainted

Strike up conversations with customers and get to know them by name.

Create a mailing list

Build a customer list for keeping in touch periodically. Include customer names, occupations, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

Celebrate special dates

Use your customer list to flag important dates. Send birthday, anniversary and holiday cards to regular customers.

Chip in

When a party is booked at your establishment, offer to help out. Assist with details such as decorations, table centerpiece, seating chart, and food selection so the host can focus on the guests.

Show recognition

Name a menu item after a long-time customer or feature a customer of the month.

Get personal

Ask the chef to greet customers at their tables and inquire about their dining experience. And for the culinary curious, arrange cooking classes and kitchen tours.

Become unique

Stand out from the crowd. Differentiate your establishment from other restaurants. Whip up a signature dish or offer an exclusive promotion.

Build a business customer base

Offer special incentives to local businesses. Provide free delivery services, discounted meal certificates and free samples of new menu items.

Start a loyalty program

Create a strong incentive for your customers to return by rewarding frequent visitors. Establish a loyalty card and offer free or discounted food for accrued points or punches.


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