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Top 5 Foodservice Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry

By Emily Royster

Plant Based Menus for Healthcare

Restaurant trends are known to make their way into our homes and even healthcare facilities. Whether it’s a popular food item, décor or on-site garden, hospitals and senior living centers are incorporating foody trends to make their dining spaces and menus more appealing to residents, patients and their guests. Read on for the latest direction Read More

6 Effective Senior Living Foodservice Programs

By Emily Royster

6 Effective Senior Living Foodservice Programs

Gone are the days of basic, simplified meals that rely heavily on processed or prepackaged foods.  Foodservice is an ever-evolving journey about nourishing the body and advancing the dining experience. Senior living communities are making a shift towards new dining trends in order to entice future residents and to increase current satisfaction. Here are six Read More

Design Healthcare Kitchens for Optimal Food Safety

By Ashley Almodovar

Design Healthcare Kitchens for Food Safety

Food safety has been a critical topic in the foodservice industry, most especially in the kitchens of healthcare facilities. Hospitals patients have vulnerable immune systems and can be impacted by food-borne illnesses more intensely than the average healthy person. To ensure safe meal service, train your staff to pay close attention to kitchen operations from Read More

Designing Healthcare Dining Spaces for Improved Patient Satisfaction

By Emily Royster

Dining spaces to improve patient and family satisfaction

Competition between healthcare facilities is on the rise.  Both patient and staff satisfaction is necessary to keep your operation moving forward.  Happy employees mean you’ll attract the best talent, which will then draw more patients.  And with patients come their families, sometimes spending weeks or months in the hospital.  Where does foodservice fit into all Read More

Tips for Improving Foodservice for Patients

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Improve Foodservice for Patients

Extended stays in hospitals or healthcare facilities may not be a patient’s first choice, but are often necessary. Long admissions lead to patients and visitors eating multiple meals at your place of business. While foodservice in hospitals and healthcare facilities has often received the lowest scores in overall patient satisfaction, there have been recent efforts Read More

At a Glance: Healthcare Food Safety Tips

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Food Safety Tips for Healthcare Facilities

Working in the kitchen of a healthcare facility can be hectic – especially when it comes to preventing cross contamination with food. That’s why it’s important for your staff to understand the common food safety and preparation tips to avoid any food borne illnesses among patients. With a variety of helpful resources available to you, Read More

Purchasing Healthcare Foodservice Equipment

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Healthcare Foodservice Kitchen Equipment

Buying kitchen equipment for your healthcare facility can be a challenge. We spoke with R.W. Smith & Co.’s Healthcare Specialist, Joleen Coles-Wilt, for insights that will help facility administrators in the procurement of foodservice equipment. Key Factors It is critical to perform research on the variety of equipment and smallware choices available to you. Consider Read More

Guide to Rehabilitating Your Facility’s Menu

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Serving meal to hospital patient

Designing a hospital menu that must adhere to strict dietary regulations can be a challenge. The suggestions below identify common areas which often need attention.  These recommendations are aimed at upgrading your menu to enhance the guest experience at your hospital. Tips for Enticing Guest’s Appetites When strategizing your facility’s menu, request patient feedback. Their Read More

Foodservice Solutions for Current Healthcare Trends

By TriMark R.W. Smith


Foodservice professionals in the healthcare industry are answering the continually changing environment with creativity. Incorporate these solutions into your strategies to overcome obstacles that are often experienced in the industry. System Consolidation The uptick in mergers of healthcare providers is leading to more systemization. To ease the transition and maintain a high level of care, Read More

The Samarkand

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Questions & Answers

Located near downtown Santa Barbara, The Samarkand is a vibrant and energetic senior living community. The apartment-style campus boasts numerous amenities, including a full-service kitchen for social dining and suite-style master bedrooms for private dining. We interviewed Phil Levere, Director of Dining Services, to get an inside look at the complexity of operating a healthcare Read More

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