Houston Chef Austin Simmons Rebrands Restaurant

By Ashley Nigro

The Woodlands in Houston, Texas has just welcomed a newly rebranded version of one of the top restaurants in the area. Previously known as Hubbell & Hudson Bistro, Executive Chef Austin Simmons decided to change up the concept to something more relatable to the guest experience. The urge for this rebrand first stemmed from the original name continuously being confused and/or associated with other establishments such as the Hubbell & Hudson Market, which closed in 2014, and the fast casual sister concept Hubbell & Hudson Kitchen. Further, Chef Simmons realized that the term ‘bistro’ was a misrepresentation of what the establishment actually was.

Despite the uninterrupted success of the restaurant, Simmons and the restaurants’ owners thought it wise to renovate and rebrand a new concept that families in the area would love. Through the customer’s dining experience, Simmons and his staff strive to make them feel at home through not only the menu, but also the hospitality. The new name, TRIS, was personally chosen by Simmons as a dedication to his daughter. The idea to name the restaurant after the star chef’s daughter made sense as it coincides with the personal feel of the new concept.

TRIS opened doors with its newly launched rebrand in September and has become a more refined version of the previous Hubbell & Hudson Bistro. Due to the personal attachment to the concept, guests are more inclined to enjoy themselves at a family-oriented establishment where they know care is being put into the food being prepared.

Guests can anticipate a fresh menu that Simmons developed with chef de cuisine Courtney Taraboi and executive sous chef Brian Stanek. Inspired by his travels in both Europe and Asia, the menu will draw on a classic technique that focuses on sauce work and flavors true to the regions that influenced the creation of each dish. Techniques, such as the way Simmons and his crew cook steak, can also be expected as a means to improve culinary creations.



In terms of aesthetics, visitors will see a change from booths to tables which create a more polished dining feel. Although there has been a shift toward fine dining, previous fans of the more casual dishes, such as the legendary burgers, will still be able to be ordered at lunch or in the restaurant’s lounge area.

So what are you waiting for? Make a reservation to dine, sip, and taste at one of the best restaurants in The Woodlands.

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