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Enhance Your Bar Service Part II – Create the Perfect Drink Menu

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Enhance Your Bar Service – Create the Perfect Drink Menu

For bars, restaurants and resorts, a creative drink menu builds rapport with customers while generating additional earnings for the business. Specialty drinks and unique cocktails can further define the theme of your establishment, take some guesswork out of ordering for guests and entice customers to try something new. Here are ideas and tips to design Read More

Restaurant Technology Trends

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Technology Trends in Restaurants

Are you one of the 73% of restaurateurs planning to upgrade business technology? According to a survey reported by FSR Magazine, a high percentage of restaurant managers, executive chefs, bar owners and the like have acknowledged the importance of advancing their systems and software programs to keep up with younger generations, higher demands in customer Read More

BIM & 3D Modeling

By TriMark R.W. Smith

R.W. Smith Design Build BIM

When working on a large design project, businesses are utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) to show a digital representation of a new facility. Understanding the benefits and cost savings can help to enhance your project plans and cover the gaps on errors between the design team. In this article, you will learn about 3D modeling, Read More

Prep Your Kitchen With Allergen-Free Products

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Food allergies are on the rise and receiving an unprecedented amount of attention. According to the non-profit Food Allergy Research & Education, an estimated 15 million Americans suffer from a food allergy. With cross-contact (this is different from cross-contamination; read up on the differences here) being the main cause for most allergic reactions, proper preparation Read More

Choosing Bone China or Porcelain Dinnerware

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Bone China vs. Porcelain Dinnerware- Bone China

Selecting dinnerware for your restaurant sets the stage for your dining room’s tone and enticement. A key consideration is which type of tableware best fits your establishment’s interior design. There are multiple options in the commercial china market, fulfilling different needs for different customers. When shopping, keep the following properties in mind to make the Read More

Summer Catch: Surf ‘n Turf Recipes

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Surf ‘n Turf Red Wine Sauce

Yes, it’s that time of year already! Summer is here and, for restaurants, that means business will be booming with vacationing guests looking for new delicious foods to experience. There are several plates perfect for the sunshine and cool breeze such as salads or fish, but why not bump it up this year and add Read More

Tabletop Presentations and Plating Tips

By TriMark R.W. Smith

Restaurant Plating Presentation Tips and Products

Creating appealing presentations of your signature dishes is a unique way to showcase your restaurant’s menu offerings. Proper plating will reinforce your premium positioning and margins while increasing your bottom line. The following tools are designed to improve your plating presentations. Brushes Use plating brushes to create accent lines and designs to embellish your signature Read More

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