Restaurant Fall Trends

Written by Elizabeth Engelman
September 27th, 2012

Seasonal changes trigger a shift in cuisine preparation and preferences. Summer’s light fare menus, garden-medley salads, and grilled classics give way to heartier dishes made with bountiful produce and to autumn-inspired entrees. Here are a few predictions for popular trends in dining this fall.

Comfort Food, Redefined. Chefs will make flavorful classics with signature twists, such as lobster pizza and mac-and-cheese with pork belly.

Beer Garden Resurgence. With growing popularity of frothy craft beers, beer gardens will be in high demand this fall. Eateries will be touting more internationally-inspired artisanal flavors. Of keen interest by daring and innovative restaurateurs are Japanese craft beers and beer-centric menus.

Charcuterie. The specialty of curing, prepping and serving different cuts of meat is ideally suited for a tasty dining experience when the temperature outside dips. The meats, often accompanied by bold cheeses and colorful vegetables, are traditionally served on rustic wood boards.

Ancient Grains. Uncommon alternatives to pasta or white rice, including quinoa and faro, will add earthy flavors to dishes this fall – taking a plate from conventional to exceptional. Chefs will be creating zesty aromas and savory meals, perfect for the cooler nights.

Pumpkin. We know this one is a gimme. No fall trends list would be complete without this seasonal favorite! The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for “large melon”. To delight guests, traditional pumpkin recipes will be refashioned for superior delectability. And look for this amazing squash to be showing up in ethnic cuisine from Thai curries to Mexican tacos.

What culinary ideas do you have brewing for autumn?

Check back in a few months to find out which trends gained popularity and which missed the mark.

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