Top 6 Technologies to Attract Millennials

By Emily Royster

Top Six Technologies to Attract Millennials

Adopting new technologies is a must with tech-savvy Millennials since they are top spenders in the dining industry.  Selecting technologies that are best for your restaurant can be overwhelming, considering the number of apps, software and devices brought to market each year. When you are ready to buy, keep in mind efficiency, growth accommodation and market reach.

Here are the top six technologies that will help your restaurant attract Millennials.

Social Media Channels
If there is one thing Millennials know, it’s the ins and outs of social media.  By using several platforms, you will increase awareness about your restaurant while generating more engagement and getting more customers seated at your tables. The most popular social media channel, Facebook, can be used to reach large numbers of people at once while barely affecting your bottom line.

Online Reservation Booking Systems
Real-time online reservation systems enable diners to discover and book the perfect table at your restaurant without the hassle of calling. Not only does this software make it easier for diners, it makes managing reservations and assigning tables a more fluid process.

Mobile Point of Sale Systems
With wireless technology becoming more common, making the switch to mobile POS systems is a unique option for restaurants that want to save time and space. These systems allow eateries to cut down time service demand as well as costs on floor staff by eliminating the need to pick up a check and handling payment.

Online Delivery Services
The popularity of meal concierge services is rising among Millennials.  This tech-savvy generation has embraced the “on-demand” revolution in all aspects, including dining. UBER, the ride-hail giant, has launched UberEATS, an online food delivery service that gets diners the food they want, faster.

Digital Wallets and Mobile Payment Services
Digital payment services make us feel as though we’ve truly made it into the future. Companies like Apple and Samsung have created services that enable guests to make payments using their phones and watches. With Millennials forgoing traditional cash and credit cards, consider digital wallets and mobile payment options to avoid missing out on business just because you don’t have a way for tech-conscious guests to pay.

Wait-List Technology
Millennials are always on the go, with no time to waste.  Mobile Apps like nowait allow customers to virtually reserve a place in line without leaving home or the office, and check placement so they know exactly when their party will be seated.  When the table is ready, the app will send a notification to check-in with the hostess, helping to eliminate missed reservations and keeping your tables full.

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