Bone China vs Porcelain Part 3: Customization Options & Benefits

By Emily Royster

Customizing your dinnerware is a great way to subtly promote your brand or create a one-of-a-kind look for your restaurant or hotel’s dining room.  Whether you’ve opted for porcelain or bone china, both materials can be decorated as you desire.  Not sure where to start or if this is the right option for you?   Here are different techniques to make your dinnerware stand out.

The spraying process involves adding color to dinnerware after the second firing of the plate.  This can be a custom color that complements the dining room theme or used for serving specials.  Keep in mind some colors may not be considered “food safe”.  Check with a Sales Consultant to ensure you pick a hue that will not only look great, but will pass safety regulations.

Decal Transfer
Perfect for displaying your logo, decal transfers are also done after the second firing of the dish.  The dish is then fired again allowing the decal to fuse into the glaze.  Adding a logo to a plate, bowl or platter is a simple way to promote your brand.  Our Foodservice Consultants work with you and the customization company to decide on the best placement and color as well as create a sample to ensure product satisfaction.

Gold Finishing
Gold and brass accents are extremely popular right now.  Add a gold rim or design to your plates for a luxurious touch.  Remember to ask your Sales Consultant about proper care for dinnerware with gold-finishes.  The metallic finish may be more susceptible to chipping or peeling if not cared for properly.

Hand Painting
For a truly unique look, opt for a hand-painted design. Discerning guests will appreciate this artistic detail; however, keep in mind it may take more time to receive your finished product.

Are you looking for a specific shape that’s not available in your chosen china pattern?  You can have that dream serving piece made specifically for you.  Just provide the dimensions and color and we’ll take care of the rest.

No matter which method you choose to personalize the dining experience, remember it takes more time to create extraordinary custom pieces.  Therefore, be sure to plan accordingly when making your initial order or ordering replacements.  Contact a Sales Consultant today to get your custom dinnerware started.

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This is the third article in a three part series. Catch Part 1 and Part 2 on our blog. For more information, download our helpful Bone China vs. Porcelain Guide.

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