Saru Jarayaman, Co-Founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United

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Saru Jayaraman, Co-Founder of Restaurant Opportunities Center United, discusses her recommendations on how employers can be more responsible and effectively manage employees within the hospitality industry.

Healthcare Trend Guidelines

Foodservice Solutions for Current Healthcare Trends

Foodservice professionals in the healthcare industry are answering the continually changing environment with creativity. Incorporate these solutions into your strategies to overcome obstacles that are often experienced in the industry.


System Consolidation

The uptick in mergers of healthcare providers is leading to more systemization. To ease the transition and maintain a high level of care, industry professionals recommend implementing locally-developed standard practices when these mergers occur. Find more resources regarding system consolidation.


Supply Management

In order to track savings and outcomes of healthcare supplies, experts advise using monthly dashboards, quarterly balanced scorecard analysis and the Association for Healthcare Foodservice Benchmark reports. Implementing these practices allows for better overall supply management and decreased waste. Learn more about healthcare supply management.



Waste and energy management programs are on the rise as industry professionals understand how to rationalize the costs of implementing environmental strategies. Chefs and owners suggest having comprehensive waste-reduction programs that include composting food from your kitchen. Delve deeper into how to be more sustainable in healthcare.


Find New Technologies

Technology has proven to improve operational efficiency. Consider adding a food-labeling system for staff that contains information for a standardized label with expiration dates and the name of the employee who places them in the database. Also, include a handheld device for credit card transactions to make it more convenient and timely for payment of guest meals. Find news on upcoming healthcare technologies.

Healthcare is consistently evolving and tactics need to be readdressed to ensure maximum effectiveness. You will discover valuable insights and healthcare resources online.

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