Marina del Rey Hotel

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Marina del Rey Hotel in Southern California

Project: Marina del Rey Hotel Opened: December 2014 About Company: Located on the world’s largest manmade small-craft harbor, Marina del Rey Hotel in California has gorgeous waterfront views that invite guests into a tranquil atmosphere. Recently remodeled, the hotel re-opened in 2014 with a stunning new modernized look and 164 fully renovated guest rooms and […]

Water and Utility Conservation to Reduce Restaurant Costs

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Water and Utility Conservation

Water is a valuable resource from our environment; using it responsibly can improve your bottom line, advance your reputation and help the world around you. With many commercial kitchens and dining establishments using between five and six thousand gallons of water each day, there is room for more conservation. To get started in reducing the […]

Part 2 – The Making of a Menu Successful Menu Design Concepts

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Design an Attractive Restaurant Menu

Every dining guest interacts with your menu. Strive to create a piece of functional art that accurately represents your restaurant and overall vision. It must be easy to read, visually appealing and ultimately helpful in guiding diners towards selecting the dish they will enjoy most. When designing a menu that showcases your establishment in its […]

Hapa Ramen Debuts in San Francisco

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Hapa Ramen opens in San Francisco, California

Growing in popularity, ramen has made its way onto the dining scene with a whole new twist. The new highly-anticipated San Francisco restaurant, Hapa Ramen, brings a variety of small dishes, ramen and endless cocktails. Using a modern cooking technique, each unique bowl of noodles is created using locally sourced and organic ingredients. Aside from […]

Part 1: The Making of a Menu – Features for a Winning Seasonal Menu

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Fresh Seasonal Produce for Your Menu

Impress guests with inspiring seasonal menus that will intrigue patrons and showcase reinvented classic dishes. Because appetites of diners change with the seasons, your menu should adjust accordingly. Preparing for a new menu can be a labor intensive task, therefore careful planning is required. Below is a list of important topics to consider when strategizing […]

Billy Caruso, Executive Chef – III Forks Restaurant

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Chef Bill Caruso - III Forks Restaurant

Being a chef takes a lot of hard work, creativity and passion. This is what Billy Caruso consistently brings to his creations. From spending time in the kitchen as a young boy to now being a thriving chef, Billy has become an inspiration to the culinary scene. Currently residing at III Forks Restaurant, Billy serves […]

Chef Jeff Moschetti – Jasper’s Restaurant

By R.W. Smith & Co.


One thing that stands out about Chef Jeff Moschetti is his undeniably impressive resume. From being an executive chef at Hotel Crescent Court by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts to opening the ZaZa boutique hotel and now a chef at Jasper’s Restaurant, there isn’t anything that Chef Moschetti can’t do. Not to mention, he was hand […]

Tips for Success: Catered Affairs, Buffet-Style Parties & Off-Premise Events

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Foodservice and Hospitality Marketing

Hosting a successful catered event or banquet requires proper preparation and planning. This helpful guide highlights key points to consider when creating menus, designing food displays and serving large groups at off-site events. For each occasion, determine a clear ambiance that will drive your menu and decoration decisions. When establishing the feel of the event, […]

Efficiency Engineering for Your Commercial Kitchen

By R.W. Smith & Co.

Efficiency Engineering for Your Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to designing, planning and engineering an operationally sound commercial kitchen, it’s important to understand the intricate costs and considerations involved. Whether opening a new restaurant or just remodeling, there are several ways to help you save and have a more efficient kitchen. Equipment Purchasing and Installation A tendency by some customers is […]

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