Director of Restaurant Operations Alexander Homs from The Puccini Group

Customer Profile – The Big 4 Restaurant / Puccini Group

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We had the privilege of interviewing Puccini Group’s Director of Restaurant Operations, Alexander Homs, to get a more in-depth look at the Big 4 Restaurant, its renovation and locally-sourced menu offerings.

Chef Preparing to Create a Sustainable Signature Dish

Create a Sustainable Signature Dish


Crafting a powerful and unique signature dish requires a level of research and zeal. A new menu item should define the chef’s culinary point of view, skills and passions.



Consider these questions before heading to the kitchen:


  • What do I love to cook?
    Highlight ingredients and a style that showcase your unique culinary abilities. Prepare a dish you are passionate about, aiding in the authenticity of the menu and in the restaurant’s promotional activities.


  • How can I differentiate myself from the competition?
    Whether the creation is a type of cuisine that rival restaurants do not offer or is a distinctive twist on a traditional dish, build something unique to your establishment.


  • What would my customers pay a premium for?
    When planning sustainable items consider a price point your customers are comfortable paying and work within that budget.


Selecting Produce and Protein

Key factors to consider when choosing ingredients for your sustainable signature dish:


  • Beef
    Including grass-fed beef in your signature dish addresses two sustainability core issues – the animals are raised in a more humane manner and it is a healthier choice. While a bit more costly, guests dining in your restaurant will appreciate your eco-friendly efforts.


  • Fish
    Purchasing sustainable seafood has been known to be a difficult task. When designing a signature dish that incorporates fish, use types that are plentiful. Challenge your cooking staff to focus on traditional seafood that is typically considered too potent or flavorless for creation of a savory plate. Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s website for guidelines on establishing sustainable seafood menu offerings.


  • Vegetables
    Creating a vegetable-based dish can be a welcome change for a restaurant. By preparing vegetarian dishes, your restaurant reduces its dependence on livestock and adheres to guest demands for healthier products.



Once you’ve settled on a direction for your signature dish, experiment with ingredients, preparation and presentation methods. Test the dish’s popularity and success by offering it as a Daily Special and requesting feedback from patrons.



When you are satisfied with your creation, simply adding it to the menu is not enough. Take this opportunity to bring new business and excitement to your dining room. Share the dish through social media, create promotional materials within your restaurant, and educate your wait-staff to be as passionate about the new menu item as you are.

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